Reamaze is looking for a first engineering hire!

We’re a very early stage company looking for a first technical employee to help us build and grow our B2B application. Our unique approach, philosophy, and obsession for intuitive and adaptive customer life cycle management is at the core of our products. If you’re interested in an agile, customer-driven development culture with an equity upside this would be a perfect opportunity:


  1. Serial entrepreneurs
  2. Located on the border of Cupertino/San Jose
  3. Seed round acquired
  4. Agile and lean mentality
  5. Passionate about helping businesses
  6. Music, movies, and food lovers
  7. Weekend full-court-press basketball (other sports too)


  1. Comfortable with small teams
  2. Comfortable wearing multiple hats
  3. Think on your feet
  4. Don’t need hand-holding
  5. Agile and lean mentality
  6. Ruby/Rails, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Memcache, JavaScript/CSS/HTML5
  7. Know how to have fun while building awesome things


  1. You love startups
  2. You enjoy challenges, surprises, and believe in chances
  3. You know passion and drive.
  4. We’re building a business with a solid revenue model
  5. You understand why 10 million users is the new 1 million users (see this)
  6. Substantial equity upside
  7. You share our vision and mission

Email us:

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